What is Extraordinary Time?
And how can YOU experience it?

shavasana poem

Ever slip into a flow when you’re writing or doing some other thing you love? One second you’re getting started and the next second you look up and two or three hours have passed?

That’s Extraordinary Time!

It’s when your conscious mind gets out of the way and your unconscious mind takes over. For a writer, that’s when the magic happens.

And we want to show you how to experience Extraordinary Time when you sit down at the page.

ex·traor·di·nary adj
\ik-ˈstrȯr-də-ˌner-ē, ˌek-strə-ˈȯr-\


a : going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary
b : exceptional to a very marked extent

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Sound good? We know how good it feels!

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