About the Retreat

Some of the Toughest Challenges Writers Face
(Reasons We’re Not Writing):

The Writer's Retreat

  • Life is too hectic
  • We procrastinate
  • Self-doubt gets in the way – we’re not sure we have anything to say or that we can say it well enough
  • We want to write, but it takes so much emotional energy to go there
  • We feel guilt when we’re not writing
  • We feel guilty for not spending writing time with our families
  • None of my friends “get it”
  • Can never seem to find the time

So what are YOU going to do about it?

Here is some of what we’re going to do about itwe offer you:

  • Space and time to write (in a setting that’s all about serenity and peace of mind)
  • A safe environment conducive to creativity
  • Techniques for overcoming self-doubt and fear which might be keeping you from the page
  • Insight regarding the importance and the value of honoring your creativity
  • Strategies on how to craft a life that includes work, family, friends and creativity
  • We’re not just going to tell you about the impact of the mind-body connection on your writing, your health, your happiness, we’re going to let you experience for yourself how you can use that connection to your advantage
  • Tips on how to look deep within and get a sense of your stories
  • Craft workshops to help you understand the “how” of telling your stories
  • Opportunities for sharing: your struggles, your intentions, your concerns, your writing.
  • Deep listening – we’ll listen to you and we’ll offer support and encouragement. By the end of the week you’ll be listening to yourself and to your body even more
  • Three (that’s right, three) compassionate, intuitive, award-winning, supportive, fun coaches

Extraordinary Time Writer’s Retreat
28th July – 2nd August 2013
New Harmony Inn
Historic New Harmony, Indiana

“The entire retreat experience could not have occurred at a better time. The support and guidance I received during and after the retreat truly made my completing my thesis for my MFA program seem possible. When finishing seemed next to impossible, my own cheering section was only a message away.” – Alayna Palmer Hanneken

A writer’s retreat can change your life!

It’s not just about time to write. It’s about being able to unplug from all the distractions in your busy life and to immerse yourself completely at the page.

How often do you get that chance?

It can make all the difference in working through an obstacle. Add in the strategies we’ll give you and you’ll be able to create time for your writing and then to make the most of that time once you get back home.

This retreat is the ideal place to reconnect with your reason for writing. Or, maybe, to connect with that part of yourself for the very first time.

“The retreat was a combination of insightful and valuable writing
strategies within an environment of beauty, peacefulness, and calm.”


The Extraordinary Time Writer’s Retreat will help you:

  • Learn practical tools you can use to write with intention, perseverance, focus and clarity
  • Listen deeply to your body to discover your authentic self (the reason you’re probably in this whole writing thing in the first place)
  • Listen deeply to your body to tap into the stories stored there
  • Sculpt time to be at the page
  • Specific tools and techniques to develop and to maintain momentum, and establish a consistent writing practice
  • Experience writing as a way to connect with your authentic self
  • Be part of a supportive community of peers that is committed to writing and listening together
  • Time for you. Just you! (each day you’ll get time to disappear if you want, to explore New Harmony or your writing or yourself)
  • Remember not just how it feels to play, but how play can benefit your life
  • Write into your stories
  • Recharge

“The leadership, openness, integration of body awareness and creative development provide unmatched synchronicity . . . The people, however, elevate the New Harmony retreat to the extraordinary . . . Vulnerabilities surfaced as we sweated together in the sunshine and wandered alone . . . all in the comfort of acceptance and compassion. Each participant found both solace and community, an elusive balance we crave outside of utopian environs. We found a new harmony in New Harmony.” – Bonnie Omer Johnson

Getting to the page

Need help slowing down, sculpting time, honoring your creative self, getting to the page?

Interested in developing a consistent daily practice of writing?

Curious about how to spark your own inspiration, even on days when you just don’t feel like there’s any to be found?

Want to learn how to slip into Extraordinary Time while you’re at the page?

How would you like to have a few dependable, proven techniques for calming your mind, reducing stress, feeling grounded, sharpening your focus?

Care to keep honing your craft with some traditional and some not-so-traditional methods?

If you love to write; if you’re aching for a little guidance, for someone to show you how to get on track; if you’re curious about the mind-body connection or how your health and lifestyle impact your creativity; if you need a nurturing get-away that offers a healthy balance of dynamic workshops, peaceful natural settings for reflection, and solitude for writing, Extraordinary Time Writer’s Retreat is for you!

Yes, beginners are absolutely welcome. So are accomplished scribes.

What will be in the mix?

What You GetAnd Don’t Forget:


Let’s face it. Writing requires more than passion and skill, more than imagination and pluck. It also requires Time & Space. And not just any time and any space. But uninterrupted time in a quiet separate place.

Think of all you could do with some uninterrupted time and space.

Imagine no chores to do, no meals to prepare.

As a matter of fact, imagine someone preparing your meals for you.

Imagine starting your day by moving your body, nourishing your mind and your imagination.

How about spending time with other writers. Building a special community with people who share that creative passion. You know, the one your friends and family might not understand.

Throw in some tips, prompts, and recipes to spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing.

Don’t forget craft workshops to enhance what you already know. And Yoga As Muse workshops that explore ways to tap into the mind-body connection so you can silence your inner critic, gain focus, and maintain momentum.

Did we mention gentle morning yoga? Or breathing techniques to help you create new neurons?

That’s right, you can start reshaping your brain. 
And learning new habits that make a writer’s life not just a dream but a reality.

You need time to write? You get time.

You need space? We hold the space for you so you can get in touch with yourself at a whole other level.

Take strolls through town.
Take a notebook to the park, listen to the birds, enjoy the art.
How about a relaxing bike ride.
Visit the roofless church or the garden and be inspired.
Walk the labyrinth or go for a hike at Harmonie State Park and get in touch with nature.

Need more? We’ve got more!

New This Year: Free Public Reading at Sara’s Harmony Way
(New Harmony’s Charming Wine Bar on 7/30 from 4:00PM-6:00PM)

Morning Labyrinth Yoga


      • Gentle Morning Yoga
      • Breakfast
      • Morning large group presentations/workshops
      • Lunch
      • Post-lunch small group break-out sessions/mini-workshops
      • Free time (to create, reflect, recharge, explore, or to do whatever you want/need to do)
      • Outdoor activities (walking, hiking, bike rides, soaking up tranquility, exploring the various parks and gardens in town, nearby state park)
      • Afternoon is also time for One-on-One coaching (if desired, arrangements may be made for one-on-one coaching or mentoring for an additional fee)
      • Evening/relaxation yoga or mindfulness activities (this is optional)
      • Informal evening readings (purely voluntary), special health talks with our holistic health coach, and Q&A time if desired.

*This year, we’ve added AN EXTRA DAY just for you (you get all day to explore, hunker down, be at the page, take what you’ve been learning and apply it to your specific writing project).

Final day – morning yoga, breakfast, recap, takeaways, a mala share of some snippets written during the week.

Extraordinary Time Rates

$1795 (only $500 deposit needed to hold your spot, balance payable in installments)


Overnight Accommodations for 5 NIGHTS in the charming New Harmony Inn
     PRIVATE ROOM (with writing desk)
Use of all New Harmony Inn amenities (pool, fitness facility, free bike rentals, and more)
Continental Breakfast including gluten free & organic choices (each day)
Lunch (each day)
Conference Center (meeting space for workshops)
Gentle Morning Yoga
Craft Workshops
Mind-Body Workshops for Writers
Quiet Time & Space for Writing
Special Health Presentation
Mindfulness & Meditation Work
Nature Connecting Workshop
Photography & Writing Workshop
TWO Experienced, Dedicated Facilitators
Historic Small Town (founded on the concepts of collaboration, community, peace of mind)
Remarkable Creative Energy
A Sense of Community
and more . . .

*dinners are on your own

Early Bird Special

*$500 Early Bird deposit due on or before 4/15/13
(balance due is payable in installments due 6/01/13 & 7/01/13)
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Compare the Extraordinary Time Writer’s Retreat with other traditional writing retreats and with other yoga & writing retreats and we’re sure you’ll agree we offer more for less.

You don’t just get daily yoga sessions separate from your writing, but we show you how to use your body as a way INTO your writing with the intention of giving you more control over when and how you write.

You get traditional craft workshops and some not-so-traditional workshops to provide you with an assortment of tools you can rely on once you get back home. After all, our goal is to show you how to create Extraordinary Time long after the retreat is over.

Each participant gets her/his own Private Room with a writing table, so you can take what you learn in workshop
even further, as well as private bath. Nearby gardens, labyrinths, and hiking trails also offer a chance to get out and enjoy nature.

And don’t forget, you get TWO compassionate, creative, supportive, dynamic facilitators. In addition to our own writing experience, we also bring diverse backgrounds as coaches, mentors, teachers, as well as training and/or experience in photography, creativity, and more.

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Come see for yourself what sets us apart. It will change your life. It’ll be extraordinary!

Labyrinth Workshop