Here are just some of the things last year’s participants said about the 2012 Extraordinary Time Retreat

Extraordinary Time Writer's Retreat 2012 in Historic New Harmony

“The environment, the leadership, the participants, the yoga, the camaraderie, the inspiration, and the authenticity of the place made this retreat invigorating and fertile.”

“The support and guidance I received during and after the retreat truly made my completing my thesis . . . seem possible. When finishing seemed next to impossible, my own cheering section was only a message away.”

“The New Harmony retreat was a combination of insightful and valuable writing strategies within an environment of beauty, peacefulness, and calm.”

“As a lover of junk food who is trying to eat healthier,
I found these presentations to be truly insightful.
When presented with the opportunity, I have quoted
some of the information to other people.”

“I loved the yoga.”

“Terry brings an intellectual and classical perspective
coupled with practicality to his presentations that encourages
and affirms participants in their respective writing endeavors.”

“One of the highlights of the retreat for me was the time I spent talking
to Cathy one on one. Not only did she have great ideas to help me get
past some of my writing stumbling blocks . . . but she showed compassion
and kindness when discussing some of my struggles. I think we underestimate how much kindness and encouragement can help when we feel burdened or frustrated in our writing.”

“. . . what was missing from a story that
I had been struggling with for months
suddenly became obvious.”

“The leadership, openness, integration of body awareness and creative development provide unmatched synchronicity of the physical, spiritual, and cerebral. The people, however, elevate the New Harmony retreat to the extraordinary, in part because of the authenticity of the participants. Vulnerabilities surfaced as we sweated together in the sunshine and wandered alone seeking visual and aromatic elements that inspire us, all in the comfort of acceptance and compassion. Each participant found both solace and community, an elusive balance we crave outside of utopian environs. We found a new harmony in New Harmony.”

“The compassion workshop was both fun and engaging. I really got into it . . .
This fictional character taught me about myself in a way I probably wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.”

“This retreat seemed to flow organically and in turn,
allowed the writing to flow in the same manner . . .”

“Walking a labyrinth is, for me, an intentional and calming experience. One unexpected and lasting result was a sense of “other-ness” at the center of the labyrinth . . . the presence of a former self, an understanding self urging me toward the newer, evolving self.”

“The retreat was a combination of insightful and valuable writing
strategies within an environment of beauty, peacefulness, and calm.”

“Cathy’s strength, caring spirit, and insight surpass her gentleness, but barely. Her poetry is as graceful as she is . . .”

“. . . we discussed ways to improve my writing experience and to let go of many preconceived notions that have plagued me from my earliest moments of writing . . .”

“Dave’s presentation gave participants a whopping amount of thought-provoking material to ponder. His writing prompts are fresh and complex, and a thrilling challenge for writers.”